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Doggy Jake in Washington is your go to source for a great dog trainer in Washington and an outstanding dog walker in Washington. Call Doggy Jake today.

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Dog Training Testimonial

"Jacob Folger's dog training as been a wonderful and rewarding experience for my puppy, Bumper. She learned several commands in just a couple sessions and thoroughly enjoys learning new behaviors and practicing her training. I highly recommend Jacob Folger to anyone who wants positive obedience results quickly without using abusive training methods."

Aleetalynn Schenesky

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Doggy Jake's owner, Jacob Folger (above) walks two dogs in Sligo Creek Park - a regular venue for his dog walking clients.

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Jacob Folger, Owner


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Doggy Jake's owner and Positive Dog trainer, Jacob Folger calls to his dog Lucy in these videos (above) and gets a pleasing response. And you can too with your dog.

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Meet Jacob Folger

His nickname is Doggy Jake which came from Jacob's uncanny ability to communicate with dogs and their obvious comfort with him. And there is one almost always by his side. Jacob has a strong connection with many other kinds of animals too.

Using only positive reinforcement training methods, Jacob ends dog behavior problems and trains canines like few trainers can.

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Calm Around Squirrels?

Through my positive reinforcement dog training methods, a calm and relaxed dog is absolutely obtainable.

Here in this video (right) I demonstrate how my dog Lucy, a Pit Bull remains completely calm and relaxed while a squirrel just several feet away from her eats bird seed. 

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