Dog Trainer in Washington. Doggy Jake

In 1999, Jacob began planning on the start-up of his pet care and training company. As he continued to learn more and more about dog training, dog behavior and pet care by working in those areas with other pet care businesses, his experience improved greatly. In October of 2001, Jacob opened his business, Doggy Jake formerly Click-A-Pet in the Washington DC area.


Since then, Jacob has invented new approaches to positive reinforcement dog training and behavior problem solving that do not require the use of edible rewards which can be a major drawback in training dogs without force. Jacob's dog, Lucy became known as the Pit Bull Ambassador of  the Washington DC area as a result of Jacob's training and socialization techniques. Lucy can be seen in videos throughout this website and is pictured in the slideshow above. She is highly socialized and extremely well-trained as a pet dog.

Jacob constantly promotes proper socialization of puppies and dogs that without it can cause many stresses for both dogs and their people. Jacob's "dog walk" takes on a new meaning by becoming fun and diverse with constant changes in venue. Neighborhood to park to city walks to deep woods and more.

In spring of 2014, Jacob opened Doggy Jake, an almost exlusively dog training and behavior problem solving company. The name, "Doggy Jake" has been Jacob's nickname for many years because of his uncanny ability to communicate with dogs and their obvious comfort with Jacob.


Flexibility, dedication and utter devotion to dogs and their people by Jacob Folger are key factors in receiving acclaim, testimonials, references and loyalty from his clients.

Doggy Jake in Washington is a fantastic dog trainer and behavior problem solver. His passion for his to work with animals is overflowing.

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Jacob Folger began his life-long education in pet care when he was just a small child. His earliest memories of family pets that he was involved with on every level of care included a crocodile, a monkey, 2 dogs, a cat, a lizard, a Hermit Crab and Sea Monkeys.


Jacob's career as an animal care provider began when he was just 14 years old when he began working at his local animal shelter. For the next 30 years, Jacob was involved with many positions and opportunities of caring for both domestic and wild animals. He soaked up all he could learn from these many opportunities and gained a strong knowledge of the correct way to love and care for his animal friends.