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Do Any of These Dog Behavior Problems

Sound Familiar?

  • Jumps up on people

  • Leash pulling on walks
  • Freaks out when you come home
  • Acts crazy when someone comes to the door
  • Uncontrollable barking
  • Digging up the yard
  • Tormenting the cat and other pets
  • Chewing up your personal items
  • Eliminating indoors
  • Nipping and biting while you handle younger dogs
  • Stealing food from the table and kitchen counters
  • Running away, escaping from the yard or out of entry doors
  • Playing keep away when you go to leash up
  • Won't come when called
  • Won't do as told
  • Selective hearing
  • Doesn't pay attention to you
  • Ignores you
  • Rude behavior
  • Bad manners
  • Boisterous behavior indoors
  • Aggressively begs for food
  • Won't do as you say unless you have a treat
  • Difficult to train - doesn't seem able to learn
  • Destructive behavior while you are away
  • Crying, barking, howling while you are away
  • Cornering - sits in a corner or other out of the way spot and won't come out
  • You're unable to groom you dog (brush, clip nails, clean ears)​​

Dog Behavior Modification

We can help get your dog past troubling behavior

Employing tried and true methods, Positive Trainer and Behavior Problem Solver, Jacob Folger will help get your dog past troubling and unruly behavior. 

Come to know the gentle, well-behaved and happy dog down inside every canine companion. Contact Doggy Jake's Jacob Folger today.

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