Know A Calm Dog With Pack Leader Training

And you will be calm too

Life can be awesomely calm and sweet with your dog. For Lucy and me, it was not always like that. But because of my Dog Pack Leader Training, it sure is now. Take the class and come to know a new calm with your dog.


I am completely certain that whoever once said, "Dogs are man's best friend", knew my secret. I invite you to know the secret too. Click here to contact me or give me a call at 240-273-8221.

-Jacob Folger for Doggy Jake

Dog Training Testimonial

"Jacob Folger's dog training as been a wonderful and rewarding experience for my puppy, Bumper. She learned several commands in just a couple sessions and thoroughly enjoys learning new behaviors and practicing her training. I highly recommend Jacob Folger to anyone who wants positive obedience results quickly without using abusive training methods."

Aleetalynn Schenesky

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Dog Training Rates

Our private classes bring outstanding results

90 minute session, pay as you go: $75 each

Save $25 when you purchase a 5 session dog training package. You pay only $350

Complete obedience training can usually be completed in 5 ninety minute sessions of training with Jacob Folger.

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Doggy Jake 

Training Benefits

  • Over 13 years experience

  • ​Private classes at your location
  • Work with all breeds and mixed breeds
  • Age is not a barrier - we work with young and old dogs and any age in between
  • Free phone consults for the life of your dog
  • High level of experience in both basic and advanced pet dog obedience training
  • Behavior problem solving is a specialty

Obedience Training

Positive reinforcement training with outstanding results but without all the food to motivate your dog

Using only positive training methods I will train your dog in any a number of obedience behaviors. I have over 13 years experience and have worked with many different breeds of dogs as well as all ages; young, mid-aged and even senior dogs.

While I train your dog, I like to work with you and show you and your family members how to train you dog at the same time to reinforce the behaviors I teach.

Basic Obedience Behaviors Include:

  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Stay 
  • Wait
  • Come when called 
  • Leave-it
  • Sit to leash up and off
  • Stay out of the kitchen
  • Polite leash walking pre-training
  • House training for puppies and dogs of all ages

Advance Obedience Behaviors* Include:

  • Polite leash walking with sit at curbs
  • Go to place and lay down
  • Respectful riding in a car
  • Off leash walks with check ins
  • Recall - come when called with distractions

​* At least 3 basic obedience classes with Jacob are required before moving on to Advanced Obedience Classes.

Dog Pack Leader Training

Know first hand why it is said, "Dogs are man's best friend."

In this one hour class, I will teach all human members of your family how to step up and become the pack leader with your dog. This is very important for dog owners in order to be fully respected by their canine companions. If there is one or more dogs and one or more humans in your household, then that is considered a dog pack by your dog. And there must be a leader. Through the simple implementation of a few activities, you can become the pack leader with your dog. And your dog will become reverent to you. You will be respected and life will become blissful with your dog.

You will gain control of your unruly dog. Training will become substantially better and retained for much longer. You dog (s) will listen to you and pay attention to you.

I will teach you how to use your intelligence to gain respect from you dog. No force, yelling, rolled up newspapers or fear is necessary.

Dog behavior problems will melt away and others will never develop.

This one hour class is done in your home with the human members of you household. The class fee is $75. Sign up today.

Dog Training Testimonial

"My wife and I adopted Bailey when she was 8 months old from the Washington Humane Society. She had been a wonderful dog as a puppy and wonderful addition to our home.   After we moved to a new apartment, she became a little traumatized for lack of a better term and her behavior went downhill in our new apartment.  She wouldn't eat during her regular meals and misbehaved while on a leash by pulling constantly.   

With Jacob's pack leader training, he helped us create a structured environment for Bailey to recognize her role as a member of the family (our pack) but look to my wife and I as pack leaders.   Jacob was able to explain things clearly and simply so that we were able to understand exactly what we needed to do as the dog pack leaders.   Bailey's behavior changed almost overnight and has continued to be excellent. Jacob knew exactly what needed to be done to create the environment for Bailey that would allow her to understand and learn easily.   She looks to my wife and I for guidance and instruction at all times and is extremely happy to be obedient."

Jason and dog, Bailey
7 weeks post Pack Leader Training

Your dog most certainly can be taught to come when called, to sit, to stay, to lay down and much more. And with completely positive techniques. No force, no fear. It is quite possible for you to have a beautiful relationship with you dog. And one where you dog respects you and listens to you and does as you ask joyfully.

It is quite possible for your dog to come when called like Lucy does in this video.

Positive Dog Training

  • Complete Obedience for Puppies and Dogs

  • Behavior Modification
  • Dog Pack Leader Training