Your Dog's Guilty Look Explained

Here it is - how many of you think your dog has a guilty look when they do something wrong? This video explains in detail, why.

Secrets To Loose Leash Walking Success

In this video, you will learn exactly what you need to do to get your dog walking calmly at your side without dragging you down the street. And if you would like a hand with it, just give me a call.

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Dogs need to be socialized

Dogs need doggy friends and much more to be healthy and happy. Proper socialization of your puppy or dog is key to their contentment. If a dog is not properly socialized to the world around them, they can become fearful and miserable. Expose your dog to sounds, storms, people, children, autos, and more. And give your dog access to other dogs for playtime and activities. They will be much happier and you will too. 

Dogs can learn sign language

If from now on, you use a hand signal at the same time that you use a verbal cue like "sit" with your dog, in a short time your dog would respond to both the verbal cue and/or the hand signal. That is how I taught my dog, Lucy, a wide variety of hand signals so that I could give her commands without speaking to her. In this video (left) I demonstrate how Lucy responds to hand signals.

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Give your doggy pills with peanut butter

In this hilarious video (right), My dog Lucy gets a peanut butter dinner. Dogs love peanut butter. So when you need to give your dog a pill, just put a little peanut butter on a spoon, place the pill in the PB and your doggy should eat it just fine. But you don't have to use near as much peanut butter as I did with Lucy in the video.

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Benefits of bonding with your pet

No matter the kind of pet you have, be it a fish or a horse, bonding with your pet makes for a happier relationship between your pet and you. It also helps a great deal when it come to training your pet because your pet is more likely to trust you. And some pets will live longer because of a strong loving bond between them and their people.

In this video (below) I demonstrate how my Betta fish, Muddy Waters, comes to me when called after I had him for less than two weeks because I took the time to bond with him. I did not use food to befriend him. All I did was talk to him whenever I passed by his aquarium.

Pet Tips

Learn all kinds of cool things about your pets.

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Achieve Complete Calm with Your Dog

It is a lovely thing, I have to say, to have a calm and relaxed dog in all instances. And it is amazing how easily it can be achieved.

Dogs are pack animals. They must have a leader and the leader should be you. If you are the pack leader with your dog, you can own complete calm in your dog and as a result, complete calm in you.


Please let me know when you are ready for the calm. Click here to contact me.

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Do You Have A Pit Bull Ambassador?

Tell the world about your Pit Bull - Everyone should know the truth about this amazing, loving, nanny-like breed that is far sweeter than most people know.