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Socialization Service Description and Rates
In our busy lives, it is so easy to skip this critical area of development of your puppy's social skills. And we at Doggy Jake understand. We offer this service and are well-versed on how to get it done right. Each Socialization Session Includes: Pick up at your home, a car ride to a socialization destination which includes: exposure to other dogs and people, the city, the sidelines of busy traffic intersections, dog friendly public places, places where many people and children gather and any opportunity to experience storms and other life noises will be taken advantage of. With each session, your dog's socialization companions will include, Jacob Folger and his incredibly well socialized dog, Lucy Cute. Dogs do learn from each other and your puppy or dog will learn to remain calm by experiencing life and seeing Lucy remain unnerved herself regardless of the situation. Your puppy will then be returned home 1 hour later. You will receive a daily report of your dog's experiences, reactions and progress. Our dog socialization services are available up to 6 times per week.

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Start Early

Beginning socialization at an early age and throughout adulthood is best for your dog. Limiting this area of growth can greatly limit your dog's potential to live happily in the world. Later in life, behavior problems can develop as a result of poor socialization. While older dogs can be socialized, it is generally a slower process. Catch your dog up young and you will reap many benefits.

Puppy & Dog Socialization

Dogs need each other as well as socialization to life, sounds, the city and more

Proper puppy and dog socialization is key to a long, happy and calm life for your dog and for you. If your dog is properly socialized, they will live without fear of other people, children, other pets and dogs, city traffic, loud noises storms and much more. Frequent exposure to all these facets of life is a necessity for the good mental health and well-being of your puppy or dog.